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Vegan Dining in Lawrence

Sadly there are no all vegan grocery stores, or restaurant establishments in Lawrence yet.  While LAVA does not endorse any businesses that sells or serves animal products, we want to help people realize that veganism can be simple and can be done anywhere without causing deprivation, so here we showcase some of the best vegan food options in Lawrence!

  • Minsky’s Pizza — Get a pizza with the vegan gluten free crust and topped with vegan Daiya cheese
  • Wheatfields — all the bread sold is vegan
  • Encore — great chinese food with a large number of vegan entrees
  • TCBY — sorbet, and a vegan chocolate and vanilla soft serve available
  • Zen Zero — a large number of vegan options and two vegan AND gluten-free entrees


In addition to these places highlighted, almost any every restaurant has SOME kind of vegan option available now, such as a salad, a baked potato, baked beans, vegan burger, or steamed or stir fried vegetables. It never hurts to ask and find out what your options are!