Monthly Vegan Potlucks

6/1/2017 PLEASE NOTE: Potlucks are currently suspended indefinitely due to low attendance and trouble finding a time that worked well for many people. 

One of the main ways we are building community here in Lawrence, is through the sharing of conversation and laughter over delicious shared vegan food! We welcome anyone and everyone join us at our potlucks for the food, friends, and wonderful conversation and connection with like-minded individuals!

When: The 3rd Sunday of every month at 4PM

  • September 18th
  • October 15th
  • November 20th (our special ThanksLiving edition! — starts at 5PM)
  • December 17th

Where: The ECM at KU 1204 Oread Ave. Lawrence, KS.

Please bring a dish to share that is 100% vegan. This means it may not contain any meat (this includes the flesh of all animals whether mamals, birds, fish, or other), eggs, dairy products, or honey. Please watch out for hidden dairy products such as casein and whey, and other meat by-products like Gelatin. We also ask that you bring a list  with all the ingredients to set by the dish. Prepare enough to serve eight people, and please bring your own serving dishes and utensils, as well as your own dishes to eat from.

For some starter recipe ideas please visit out resources page

If you do not feel capable of preparing food, items like fresh fruit or hummus and veggies or a bag of tortilla chips are always welcome as well!